Riddle Me This Batman if You Are Correct I Will Delete Your Answer

“Riddle Me This Batman if You Are Correct I Will Delete Your Answer” riddle has been so famous nowadays, and people are searching for there answer. We have provided you the question and the answer to this riddle.

Riddle: “Riddle me this batman and If your answer is correct, I will delete your answer, and you have to repost saying that you won against me ok. You walk into a room, and on the bed, there are two dogs, four cats,1- one giraffe, five cows and one duck, three chickens flying above a chair; how many legs are on the floor?”

Answer: The correct answer is “There are a total of 6 legs on the floor”.

Answer Explanation

As the riddle says all the animals are on the bed so we will not count the legs of the animals and you walk into the room, so your legs are on the floor, the four legs of the bed are also touching the floor which in total makes six legs which are touching the floor, so the correct answer is 6.

6 thoughts on “Riddle Me This Batman if You Are Correct I Will Delete Your Answer”

  1. This should be zero because a leg is a thigh,knee,shin,ankle,foot,and toes. A bed does not have legs they are called post. If you are going to count the post on the bed as legs, feet as a whole leg, the the chair has legs also. Total is 10.

  2. The correct answer should be zero and not 10. Beds have bed posts, not bed legs. Some beds are platform as well. We never call them bed legs. The chair does have legs but the chair could have been on the bed too. A person’s legs never touch the floor unless they are sitting on it or laying down on it. A persons feet is what touches the floor when you walk into a room. Zero is the correct logical answer.

  3. According to the commas. And the punctuation of this riddle the CHAIR, Is also ON the bed. The sentence was continued. So there was The bed and you. The answer is 6.

    • Thank you, Marcus, for pointing out and we appreciate your feedback and we have updated your request. For more interesting riddle do cleck out more articles.

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