What Has One Eye but Cannot See Riddle

The riddle “What has one eye but cannot see?” is a popular brain teaser that has stumped and entertained people for years. This riddle relies on word play and a bit of creativity to solve, check out the answer to this riddle below.

Riddle Answer & Explanation

The answer to this riddle is a needle. A needle is a thin, pointed object that is often used for sewing or other tasks that require precise manipulation. It has a small, round eye at one end that is used to thread the needle with thread or yarn. However, a needle does not have the ability to see in the traditional sense, as it does not have a brain or any other organs that allow it to process visual information.

Riddle: What has one eye but cannot see?

This riddle plays on the idea that eyes are a necessary component of sight, and it challenges people to think creatively about the meaning of words and concepts. It is a great way to exercise your mental skills and have some fun in the process.


Overall, the “What has one eye but cannot see?” riddle is a clever and entertaining way to challenge your logic and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned riddle-solver or just starting out, this riddle is sure to provide some fun and mental exercise.