I Enter the Garden There Are 34 Riddle Answer

The riddle “I enter the garden, there are 34” is a popular brain teaser that has stumped and entertained people for years. This riddle relies on word play and a bit of creativity to solve, and it can be a fun challenge for people of all ages.

The riddle goes like this:

If you get this, you are a critical thinker. I enter the garden. There are 34 people in the backyard. You kill 30. How many people are in the garden?

Answer: The answer to “I enter the garden riddle” is 34 People.

Riddle Answer Explanation

At first when you see the question it looks difficult but it’s not that hard to answer. It’s a logic question and you can easily answer it.

Let me explain you the answer, the riddle says you enter the garden and in backyard there are 34 people, so it means the place is same and the total number of people are 34.

Then the riddle says “you kill 30 of then” which means out of 34 there are only 4 are alive but the riddle is not asking about the people who are live or its not asking about the total people in the garden.

Still there are 34 people even they are live or not, the total number remains the same.