10 Fish in a Tank Riddle Answer [Explain]

10 Fish in a Tank Riddle is a very interesting riddle question and here is the answer. It can be little tricky if you do not pay attention to the statement. This kind of riddles are very popular on the social media, so here is the answer to this riddle below.

Question: 10 fish are in a tank, 2 Drown, 4 Swim away, 3 Die. How many are left?

Answer: The answer to “10 Fish in a Tank Riddle” is “10.”

If we read the statement carefully it says all the fishes are in tank and they cannot move out of it.

Secondly, the fish cannot drown in water and cannot move out of tank.

Lastly, if the 3 fishes are died, they will remain in the talk and which makes 10 fishes and it’s the correct answer.