Who Is Dead Pay Attention to the Detail Puzzle

Today we have a very interesting Picture puzzle for you which you can solve. The puzzle is called Who is dead pay attention to the detail puzzle. The answer and the explanation to this Puzzle is given below so read the puzzle carefully and answer.

In this puzzle picture below, you can see the men’s in a beach enjoying and laying down. One on the person is laying on the beach and his legs are in water; the other guy is in water and floating and the third guy is on a rubber tube and his one hand is in water.

Who is dead pay attention to the detail

You task is to look the Picture care fully and point out which one is dead out of these three men.

Puzzle: Who is dead pay attention to the detail puzzle riddle answer?

Answer: The answer to “Who is dead pay attention to the detail puzzle” is “Person C.”

The answer to this above riddle is Person “C”. Didn’t get it how? Let me explain you how. If you look the picture carefully the person “A” is floating on you water and he cannot be dead because body cannot float as soon as a person is dead, it takes time.

The other scenario is that if the person “A” is already dead so why the other guys will still be in water with him.

Secondly if we see person “B” his legs are in water and you can see in the image the water around his legs are little shaky so we can say that he is vibrating his legs and he is alive.

Lastly if we see person “C” he can be the last option and he seems dead because he is holding a book and his hand is in water and now one will put his hand in water with book. So, the answer to this puzzle is Person “C.”