A Cowboy Rides Into Town on Friday Riddle

Looking for the answer to the riddle called “Friday the horse riddle”. The riddle is very popular on the social media so here is the correct answer and the proper explanation to this Friday riddle. The riddle is all called as Cowboy riddle.

Riddle: How could a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay two days, and ride out on Friday?

The answer to “Friday the horse riddle” is that “Friday is the name of his horse” and that man was riding on a horse named Friday. People get misunderstanding after reading the word Friday and to them Friday means a day which comes in a week.

Friday the Horse Riddle Explanation

The only possible answer to this riddle is “Friday was the name of his horse” and here the word Friday means name.

You can see that the word “on” is used in the riddle which clearly states that the cowboy is riding on something and that is the horse.