A Man Enters an Expensive Restaurant Riddle

Today I have come up with a wonderful riddle for you, which is called A man enters an expensive restaurant and it is also very popular as 102004180 riddle.

Below I have given the answer and proper explanation to the riddle and lastly I have explained this whole riddle very well, so you must try it.

Riddle: A man enters an expensive restaurant and orders a meal. When the waiter brings him his meal the man takes out a slip of paper and writes down 102004180, then leaves. The cashier hands the slip of paper to the cashier who understood it immediately.

What did the slip of paper say?

Answer: The answer to the riddle A man enters an expensive restaurant is I Ought To Owe Nothing For I Ate Nothing.

Riddle Explanation

It seems a bit difficult at first sight, but it is a very simple and fun riddle to solve. Let me explain to you how to come up with the answer.

The answer is hidden in the number 102004180. Recall each letter and you will get the answer.

1=I, 0=Ought, 2=To, 0=Owe, 0=Nothing, 4=For, 1=I, 8=Ate, 0=Nothing.

Therefore,  Ought To Owe Nothing For I Ate Nothing.

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