Cement Room Riddle (Solve)

Looking for the answer to the riddle called “You are stuck in a cement room” riddle. It’s not that logical type riddle where you have to apply science or some concept, it’s just a simple and funny riddle.

Here is the correct answer and the explanation to this hard riddle goes by the name cement room riddle.

Riddle: You are stuck in a cement room with no windows or doors. The only things in the room is a table and a mirror. How will you get out?

Cement Room Riddle Answer

The answer to “You are stuck in a cement room” is “First look into the mirror and what you saw and use the saw (tool) and cut the table in half and these two halves make a hole and use that hole to escape”.

It is a fun type of riddle so we will answer the riddle in a funny way. You will see your reflections and when you see (saw) your face in it you will get the saw as a cutting tool and rest of all you know how to use it for escaping.

Here the word “saw” comes from the seeing of the mirror and the riddle played on this thing to answer. The riddle uses this word in the sense of a cutting tool.

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Riddle: You are in a cement room with no windows and doors and you have a piece of wood and a mirror. How will you escape?

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