Detective Riddles with a Clever Fox: Can You Solve These Mysteries?

Are you a fan of detective stories and riddles? If yes, you’ll love these entertaining and challenging clever fox detective riddles. Test your solving skills and see if you can figure out the answers before the detective fox does. All the riddle questions and there answers are given below.

The Ice-Cold Coffee: A Murder Clue

The Ice Cold Coffee A Murder Clue

Riddle: A wealthy businessman was found dead in his study. The room had no windows or doors, and there was a table in the center of the room with a cup of coffee on it. The detective fox immediately knew that the businessman was murdered. How did he know?

Answer: The cup of coffee was ice-cold, which meant that it had been there for a while. If the businessman had poured the coffee himself, it would have been hot.

Deciphering “Redrum”: A Cryptic Note

Riddle: A woman was found dead in her apartment. The room was locked from the inside, and there were no signs of forced entry. The detective fox discovered a note next to her body that read “Redrum”. Who killed her?

Answer: The woman was murdered by her husband. “Redrum” is “Murder” spelled backward, which indicates that the killer was close to the victim.

Footprints in the Desert: A Killer’s Mistake

Footprints in the Desert A Killer's Mistake

Riddle: A man was found dead in the middle of the desert. He was surrounded by two sets of footprints, but there was no one else around. How did the detective fox know who the killer was?

Answer: The man was killed by his partner. The detective fox noticed that one set of footprints led to the body, while the other set led away. The partner had pretended to leave the scene, but had actually circled back to kill the man and make it look like a random attack.

The Deadly Icicle: An Unlikely Weapon

Riddle: A woman was found dead in her home, and the only clues were a broken window and a puddle of water on the floor. The detective fox quickly identified the killer. Who was it?

Answer: The killer was an icicle that had fallen from the roof and shattered the window. The puddle of water was from the icicle melting.

Death by Parachute: An Unusual Case

Riddle: A man was found dead in a locked room, and the only thing in the room was a puddle of water. The detective fox immediately knew how the man had died. What happened?

Answer: The man had jumped out of a plane and his parachute failed to open, causing him to crash through the roof and create the puddle of water.


We hope you enjoyed these detective fox riddles. These brain teasers are not only entertaining, but also help improve your problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. If you want to challenge yourself further, you can search more such riddles and puzzles on our website