I Weigh Nothing but You Can Still See Me Riddle

I weigh nothing riddle is a very interesting riddle and the answer to this riddle is given below. The riddle has a question which you need to find out and it talks about a thing which doesn’t have weight but you still can see it with your eyes.

The option is also given below so choose one them and do let us know in the comment below whether you able to guess the answer correctly.

Riddle: I weigh nothing, but you can still see me. If you put me in a bucket, I make the bucket lighter. What am I?


  1. Fish
  2. A hole
  3. Rock
  4. Air

Answer: The answer to “I weigh nothing riddle” is “A HOLE.”

The correct answer is “a hole” and as you know that you can see the hole easily but it doesn’t have any weight. The end line of the riddle says “it can make a bucket lighter” that right because if you make a hole in the bucket, then everything will come out of it and eventually make the bucket lighter in weight.