John Had $800 Tasha Has $500 Riddle Answer

John had $800 Tasha has $500 riddle is a tricky riddle. Here is the correct answer with explanation to this “John had $800” riddle. Try to read the statement carefully and answer it. In the beginning it seems a mathematical problem, but it’s not and it’s a simple statement-based riddle.

Riddle: John had $800 Tasha has $500 Kyle had $300. Who HAD the most money find out?

John Had $800 Tasha Has $500 Riddle Answer

Answer: The correct answer to “John had $800 Tasha has $500 riddle” is “Tasha.” Tasha has the most money them all which is $500 and all the other had the money.

Riddle Explanation

If you see the riddle statement it says “HAD” which means it’s a pass tense and at this present he doesn’t have any money.

So, the Tasha is the only person has the money therefore Tasha is the correct answer.

But there is a twist to this riddle question. If the see the last part of the riddle is asks about “Who HAD the most money” which means the answer can be John because he had the most money that is $800.

The answer to this riddle depends upon one word which is “Had or Has”.