Robert and Cindy Were Stranded on an Island Riddle

Today I have another interesting riddle for you which is called Robert and Cindy Riddle. It’s a logic riddle and need little logical thinking to solve it.

In this riddle there are two persons name Robert And Cindy which are in desert and they have to take a red and blue pill to survive.

Riddle: Robert And Cindy Were Stranded on A Desert Island. He has two blue pills and two red pills that are identical in shape. He must take exactly one red pill and one blue pill or he will die. How does he do it?

Answer: The answer to this riddle is “Dissolve all 4 pills in water and drink the half water.”

The concept behind this riddle is simple and let he explain you how this above answer is possible.

The Robert And Cindy will dissolve all the pills in water and will drink the half water so that he each person can get 1 red and 1 blue pills and they both get save.