I Bought a Cow for $800 Riddle

The “I bought a cow for $800” riddle is a popular brain teaser that has stumped and entertained people for years. This version of the riddle is a bit different from the original, as it involves multiple transactions and asks about the total profit made.

Here is the full text of the riddle:

“I bought a cow for $800. I sold it for $1000. I bought it again for $1100. I sold it again for $1300. How much did I earn?”

I Bought a Cow Riddle Answer

To solve this riddle, you need to carefully track the money that is being exchanged in each transaction. The first transaction is the purchase of the cow for $800, and the second is the sale of the cow for $1000, which results in a profit of $200. The third transaction is the repurchase of the cow for $1100, and the fourth is the resale of the cow for $1300, which results in a profit of $200.

When you add up the profits from each transaction, the total profit made is $400. Therefore, the answer to the riddle is “$400.”

Calculation of the Answer

Sold it for $1000 = $1000 – $800 = $200 profit

Sold  again $1100 – $200 = $900 loss

Sold $1300 – $900 = $400 profit

Your total earnings are $400.


Overall, the “I Bought a Cow for $800” riddle is a clever and entertaining way to challenge your logic and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned riddle-solver or just starting out, this riddle is sure to provide some fun and mental exercise.