You Are Sitting Inside a Plane Riddle

You Are Sitting Inside a Plane Riddle is a tricky riddle. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to “Sitting Inside a Plane Riddle”. It’s a very popular riddle on the internet. So, try to solve it and see the answer below.

Riddle: You are sitting inside a plane; There is a horse in front of you, and a car behind you. Where are you?

Answer: The answer to “You Are Sitting Inside a Plane Riddle” is “You are on a merry-go-round.”

The correct answer is merry-go-round, as we all have seen in any amusement park the merry go rounds has cars, horse and plane shape rides and the answer matches the riddle also.

You Are Sitting Inside a Plane Riddle Explanation:

The only possibility where you are sitting in plane and there is a house in front of you can be see in merry-go-round or fairground carousel. That’s why we say you are in merry go round and that’s the correct answer to this riddle.