3 Runs Needed in 2 Balls Puzzle

3 runs needed in 2 balls puzzle is tricky puzzle related to cricket game. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this cricket puzzle. This puzzle is best for the cricket lover as it challenges them to solve it and develop more critical thinking.

Puzzle Question

Cricket puzzle:
3 runs required in 2 balls to win with only one wicket left….
The batsman is on 98 and the non striker is on 97. How will both batsman score centuries as well as win the match without extra ball?
Cricket lovers if your are really genius and you have the knowledge of cricket, solve it !
Your passion for the game will now be tested!

3 Runs Needed in 2 Balls Puzzle Answer

The answer to “3 runs needed in 2 balls puzzle” is that “The batsman will take 3 runs but gets 2 and then the Striker gets the last ball and hit 4 to win the match”.


The simple explanation to this puzzle question is that the first player will take 3 runs but due to one short the umpire will given him 2 runs. The other player gets the strike and in the last ball the other player will hit 4 that makes his century complete and this way both can score 100 runs and will the match.