3 Watermelon Total 30 Puzzle

3 watermelon total 30 puzzle is a tricky puzzle. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this picture puzzle. The puzzle is little tricky and but try to see the image properly and you will get the answer. In this puzzle you need to select any 3 watermelon so that their sum be equal to 30.

Puzzle: Can you select 3 watermelons to get a sum of 30?

3 Watermelon Total 30 Puzzle Answer

The correct answer to “3 watermelon total 30 puzzle” is “6+11+13=30.” If you normally try to add the any 3 numbers you won’t get the answer. But if you see the image the 6 is inverted to and showing 9.

So, we can use that number 9 as 6 which can easily give the answer equal to 30.