When Does Christmas Come Before Thanksgiving

The riddle “When Does Christmas Come Before Thanksgiving?” is a popular one that has been enjoyed by people of all ages. The answer to this riddle is actually quite simple and can be found by looking closely at the wording of the question.

The key to solving this riddle is to recognise that “comes before” can also be written as “comes earlier than.” With this in mind, the answer to the riddle becomes clear: Christmas comes before Thanksgiving in the alphabet! Since “C” comes before “T” in the alphabet, Christmas comes earlier than Thanksgiving.

In other words you can say that the word Christmas comes first in the dictionary and that can also be a answer.

Riddle: When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on 25th November and Christmas is celebrated on 25th December so technically Thanksgiving should come first but, in the riddle, it referring to the words.

This riddle is a great example of how language and wordplay can be used to create a clever and enjoyable puzzle. It is also a reminder that sometimes the answer to a riddle can be found by looking at things from a different perspective or by considering multiple meanings of a word or phrase.