Fruit Without an I Riddle Answer

Fruit Without an I Riddle Answer is a very tricky puzzle and if you are looking for the answer to this riddle you will get the correct and the explanation to this riddle in this article.

The riddle asks about a fruit name which is without an “I”. The riddle is very tricky and that’s why most of the people get confuse and fails to solves it. So, take time and read the question very slowly and try to understand.

Riddle: Fruit Without an I Riddle?

Answer: The answer to “Fruit Without an I Riddle” is “FRUT.”

Fruit Without an I Riddle Answer Explanation:

The answer to this riddle is “FRUT”. I know you may be wondering how this answer came but wait and let me explain you who this is possible.

Most of the people will thing about a fruit name which doesn’t have a letter “I” in them but that’s the wrong thing because if you read the riddle again you can see that the riddle says “fruit without an I” which means it asking the fruit word without the letter I.

It means we remove the letter I from the word fruit and the answer becomes “FRUT.”