Find the Eatables Whatsapp Puzzle Answers

Find Eatables Puzzle Answer is a WhatsApp puzzle and its been very popular among the people on social media. People are looking for the answer to this Puzzle on internet so I decide to give the correct answer to this eatables picture puzzle.

In this puzzle you can see there are 20 different items are listed on the image above and they symbolize some food names. So, your task is to decode the puzzle and give the name of food which it symbolizes.

The answer to this puzzle is given below in the form of the table on which the right side is the list of all the answers and on the left the questions are given.

So, now try to solve the puzzle and don’t forget to check the answers.

Find Eatables Puzzle Answers:

Questions: Answers:
1. square dish  Radish
2. So up  Soup
3. Ro Tea  Roti
4. Card A Mom  Cardamom
5. Mango Pie  Amaras
6. C heart S  Cloves
7. Sam /  Sambar
8. 2 ma 2  Tomato
9. ? er  Water
10.  Fast  Breakfast
11. Sun Dal  Masur Dal
12. Sand?  Sandwich
13. Cash U Nut  Cashew nuts
14. Ja Moon  Jamun
15. Straw berry  strawberries
16. Salt ma  Upma
17. car age  Cabbage
18. tree apple  Pineapple
19. Cha aai  Chai
20. Gr monkey s  Grapes