Mrs Smith Was Killed on Sunday Evening Riddle

Are you trying to solve the riddle “Mrs Smith was killed in her home on a Sunday evening”? This popular brain teaser has gained attention for its popularity in to social medias platform, as some people believe that if you can solve this riddle you might be a psychopath.

The riddle goes like this:

Mrs Smith was killed in her home on a Sunday evening.

There were five people in the house at the time of the murder. The police asked them what they were doing at the time of Mrs Smith’s murder.

At the time of the murder, the chef was preparing dinner, Mr Smith was in the garden looking at the stars with his telescope, the gardener was pruning the trees, the maid was setting the dinner table, and lastly, the butler was in the wine cellar getting wine for the meal.

So, can you tell who killed Mrs. Smith based on where the five witnesses were at the time of her death?

Mr Smith Riddle Answer With Explanation

If your answer is Mr. Smith, then you are absolutely correct. As Smith was looking at the stars in the evening time and that’s not possible during that period of time.

Explanation: The riddle states that Mrs Smith was killed in her home on a Sunday evening, which suggests that the person responsible for her death was someone close to her, such as a family member. The fact that the riddle specifically mentions that Mrs Smith was killed on a Sunday evening may be intended to throw off the reader, as Sunday is often associated with rest and relaxation.

However, the key to solving the riddle is to focus on the fact that Mrs Smith was killed in her own home, which narrows down the suspects to those who would have had access to her home. In this case, the most likely suspect is Mrs Smith’s husband, who would have had unrestricted access to her home.

We hope this explanation helps you understand the answer to the riddle “Mrs Smith was killed in her home on a Sunday evening.” Please note that this riddle is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be taken seriously or used to diagnose or label individuals.