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20+ Picture Puzzles and Paheliyan

picture puzzle for kids with answers

Best Picture Puzzles” We all like to solve puzzles. Today I have brought for you challenging Picture puzzles, and this type of Puzzle is also suitable for kids, which you will enjoy answering.

Nowadays, everyone likes to do Puzzle Solving, and it helps to increase our brain capacity. Another advantage of this is that our concentration power increases, which allows us to concentrate a lot.

I have created all these questions while keeping children in mind, but only children don’t need to solve them. You can also solve them, and you can challenge your friends too for solving this Puzzle.

In this article, I have put all kinds of questions like some Puzzles related to Maths, some brain puzzles, and some Fun puzzles.

List of Picture Puzzles

  1. A little girl named Sonu. She has dried his clothes on the roof, and it has been a rainy season, and even drizzling has started. Sonu has to find the right path and go to the roof of his house to remove his clothes before his clothes get wet in the rain. You have to help Sonu and take her to the right rooms so that she reaches the terrace.

    Picture Puzzles for kids
    Picture Puzzles
  2. Look at the picture carefully, and you will see many numbers in it. You have to look carefully and tell me how many numbers you see.

    Number Picture Puzzles
    number puzzle
  3. This Puzzle is related to Math, and You need to calculate the right amounts. Different amounts of grapes and watermelons are given. By adding them, they provide some specific numbers as you can see in the picture, you have to find the number of grapes and melons?

    math Picture Puzzles for kids
    math Puzzles
  4. Your home’s electricity is off, and you have to light a bulb, but the problem is that you have three switches, out of which only one switch is correct. You have to find the right switch and put it on the board so that the power of your house comes back again. Find the right switch?

    flow the line Picture Puzzle
    line picture puzzles
  5. Numbers for different shapes are given, and by adding them, some numbers are being formed. You have to find out what will be the number of diamonds and Find the number of diamonds by looking at the picture carefully?

    number Puzzle
    maths puzzle
  6. This Puzzle is the most unique, very few people can solve it. There is a digital lock in front of you that can be opened by entering three-digit codes. You have to find the same code. You have also given five random sequences questions by solving which you can find out the code of this lock.
    crack the code puzzle
    crack the code puzzle


    You have liked solving these puzzles and reading similar puzzles, and you can also see other articles on our website and make sure to share it with your friends and ask them to solve these questions too.

Picture Puzzles for kids with answers

Picture Puzzles for kids

Picture Puzzles for kids with answers” Solve funny puzzles and picture puzzles. In this article, I have brought you a lot of fun puzzles for you and also brought some pictures related to them, so that its easy to understand the puzzles. You may see a lot of puzzles, but these puzzles are a little bit different; even children can solve them and enjoys.

Some of these puzzles seem easy to solve, but trust me, very few people can solve them at first shot. So I challenge you to give the correct answer to all the riddles.

List of Puzzles for kids

  1. Guess the right weight Puzzles

    Picture Puzzles for kids with answers
    guess the weight

    Look at the Picture carefully and indicate the correct weights of the animals. In the photo, you can see that one dog weighs equal to the importance of two cats, three cats weigh is similar to 1 dog, and a rabbit, so you have to tell, what will be the weight of 2 cats and two rabbits equal to?

  2. Find the right Water-Tap Puzzle

    Picture Puzzles for kids with answers
    find the right water-tap puzzle

    Rahul goes to the bathroom to take a bath and forgets to start the water-tap. Now the problem is that there are four water taps in his house, out of which one correct pipe comes into his bathroom. You have to find the right valve and tell the tap number so that Rahul can get water.

  3. Matchstick Puzzle

    matchstick Picture Puzzles for kids
    matchstick Picture Puzzles

    Its the funniest and most confusing puzzle. In this, you can see a number made with the help of matchsticks, which is 508. You have to change the location of any of these two matchsticks to make this number in such a way that this number can become the most significant number.

  4. Count the number of Box Puzzle

    matchstick Picture Puzzles
    box puzzle

    The puzzle is straightforward, and you have to see the pattern of the box and find the correct amount. In the first box, there are four squares, and they are equal to number 5, so you have to tell that if there are nine squares in the second box, then how much will that be equal to?

  5. Maths Puzzle

    picture puzzles for kids with answer
    math puzzle

    This last puzzle is related to Math. If your calculation is reliable, then you can able to answer it quickly. If adding three suns is equal to 27 and if the sun and a moon are combined to form 16, then what will be sun and moon will equal to?

I hope you have enjoyed solving these puzzles, and if you want to explain more such puzzles, then you can see more articles of our website in which we have shared such funny puzzles and riddles with you, which you solved and share it with your friends.

I have branches riddle answer [solve]

I have branches riddle answer

I have branches is a fascinating riddle. It’s a very tricky riddle with a little clue. The puzzle says that give me a name of thing which has many branches but no leaves or fruits. Read the riddle carefully, and the answer is given below.

Riddles: “I have branches a, yet I have no single leaves, no trunk,  no fruit. What am I?”

Most people will think about the tress first when they will read the word branches, but in further lines, it’s been clear that the riddle is not talking about tress.

Answer: The answer to the “I have branches riddle” will be “Bank.”

Bank will be the correct answer because it has many branches and yet doesn’t have fruit.

If in the end is D then what Was in the beginning riddle [solve]

if in the end is D then what Was in the beginning riddle

Riddle: If in the end is D so then what was in the beginning?

Answer: The answer to “If in the END is D” riddle is “G” or E. Let me explain to you how.

If in the end is D riddle answer explanation

Firstly, the riddle says, in the END, is the letter D, and it says what was in the “BEGINNING” so the straight answer would be “G” because it’s the ending letter of the word.

But if we see this as what was in the beginning, it’s referring to the word END, and the beginning of this letter is E, so it could be possible the answer is E.

If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother riddle Answer

If Teresa’s daughter riddle answer

If Teresa’s daughter riddle is being most searched and trended on the internet and people are looking for the answer to this riddle so I have provided you the answer. We have to solve the riddle for you and give you the answer.

Riddle Question: If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, then tell, what am I to Teresa?

Choose the correct option for this riddle:
a. Grandmother
b. Mother
c. Daughter
d. Granddaughter
e. I am Teresa

Answer: The correct answer to Teresa’s daughter riddle will be an option “C” that is “Teresa’s daughter”.

People have very different opinions and answer to this riddle with some fascinating explanation.

Example: If you replace this sentence, “my daughter’s mother” with the word “me”. So the sentence would be changed as, “If Teresa’s daughter is me, what am I to Teresa?” Therefore the correct answer will be option “C”; you are Teresa’s daughter.

find the man without mask puzzle Answer picture

Find the man without mask puzzle answer

Today I have brought back an amusing puzzle for you. In this puzzle, you have to look carefully at the picture to find the man who is not wearing a mask on his face.

A lot of people are seen in the picture below who are wearing white-colored masks. You have to find a man who is not wearing a mask. This can be a bit tricky because everyone is wearing a white-colored mask on there faces.

The man without mask puzzle Answer

It is a bit difficult to find that man because if you look carefully, the color of the man’s beard is also white; because of that, it seems like he is wearing a mask, in the picture I have marked the correct answer.

Find the man reading newspaper puzzle answer


The Man Reading Newspaper Puzzle Answer this puzzle is very trending on social media nowadays.

Its a picture puzzle in which you have given a very beautiful picture. You have to find a man who is sitting and reading a newspaper.

This puzzle is not as easy as it looks, it’s not easy because the picture is like a small map in which a lot of things are given and its like a micro world, you have to turn your eyes on the man with the newspaper.

Answer: In the photo, we have shown you the answer with a circle, where a small man is sitting and reading a newspaper.

I hope you have found the answer to your puzzle and if you want to read more such articles you can see our website.

A hospital has 16 isolation rooms puzzle answer

A Hospital Has 16 isolation Rooms Puzzle answer

“A Hospital Has 16 isolation Rooms Puzzle”. This puzzle is becoming more popular nowadays. Everyone is talking about this puzzle on social media.

16 isolation Rooms Puzzle Question

This man has to get out of room number 4 to leave the hospital, but before that, he will pass through every room.

So the riddle is that the man has to go through every room in which there is a sick person, but if this person goes to any room twice, then he can become ill again.

Your challenge is that you have to go through a room only once and find a way so that this person can get out of the hospital without getting sick.

Hospital Has 16 isolation Rooms Puzzle Answer

The correct answer to this puzzle is the person would first go to room number nine from his room and return to his room. Then after he will travel to room 14 >10 > 6 > 5 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 7 >11 >15 >16 >12 >8 > 4 > Passing through this way from rooms he will reach number four-room and exit the hospital.