Turn 100 Into Cat With Only Two Moves

If you like to solve puzzles, then today I have a very good puzzle for you which is called Turn 100 into a cat puzzle.

It’s a very interesting puzzle and in this puzzle question you will see a number made with pencil and you have to convert this number 100 into the word “CAT”. But the catch is that you can only move two pencils.

In the beginning of this article, the question image of this puzzle has been given, by looking at which you can start solving your puzzle.

Puzzle Question: Turn 100 into cat with only two moves.

Below I have given the answer with an explanation of this puzzle, you must read it and try to answer it without looking at the answer. I have given the solution image at the end so do check it out.

Turn 100 Into Cat Puzzle Answer

The answer to this puzzle is very simple, first of all you have to turn 100 upside down, then you have to pick up one pencil from a number zero and place it on top of the number one so that the letter T can be made.

After this, pick up a pencil from the number zero which you see in the middle and move it upwards so that it becomes an English letter A, in this way you can solve this puzzle question.

Turn 100 into cat puzzle answer

If you still have a doubt, then you can look at the answer image given above, this will give you a very good idea how to solve this puzzle by just moving two pencils.