When Is an Irish Potato Not an Irish Potato Riddle

When Is an Irish Potato Not an Irish Potato riddles is trending on the internet. Here is the answer with explanation to this Irish Potato Riddle. People are searching for the answer and sharing this riddle with friends on the social media.

Question: When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?

Answer: The answer to “When Is an Irish Potato Not an Irish Potato” is “A French fry.”

The answer is simple when the Irish potato get fried and made into French fry then it’s not an Irish potato. It’s a very funny riddle question.

When Is An Irish Potato Not An Irish Potato Riddles Explanation 

The riddle looks difficult in the beginning but once you see the answer it’s become simple and funny. It’s a simple logic riddle just read the lines carefully and you will get the answer.

The Irish potato’s get fried and converted into French fry. The it’s becomes French and not remains Irish any more.

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