90 D in A R A – Riddle Question and Answer

90 D in A R A Puzzle is a very interesting and a logic puzzle. Here is the full puzzle question with answer. In this puzzle you have given some words which you have to decode and have to give the correct meaning of the words. Like for example 24 H in a D means 24 hours in a day.

Riddle: 90 D in a R A ?

Answer: The answer to “90 D in A R A” is “90 Degrees in a Right Angle.”

The correct answer is 90 Degrees in a Right Angle. As you can see in the puzzle question the letter D represent degrees, letter R represent Right and letter A represent Angle.

There is some more Puzzle questions listed below which you can solve and the answer to these puzzles are given at the end of the article.

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Answering any 5, means your IQ is pretty high.
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