Can You Guess This 7 Letter Word _m_a_i_ Puzzle

Today I came across a Puzzle called Can you guess this 7-letter word Puzzle. It’s a very difficult puzzle and 99% people fail to answer this puzzle.

In this puzzle you need to guess the 7-letter word in which the words M, A and I comes in between. The puzzle question and the answer is given so do check it out.

Puzzle: Can you guess this 7 letter word _m_a_i_?

Guess this 7 letter word _m_a_i_

  1.  Girls like it.
  2. Boys use it and
  3. Parents do not like it.


It’s a very difficult puzzle and when I was looking for the answer on the internet, I couldn’t find any good answer but the suitable answer to this puzzle is “AMBARIS”.

If you find any good answer to this puzzle so do share with us.