Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle Answer [solved]

Looking for the solution of Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle. Here in this article I have given you the full explanation to this puzzle in full step by step form. This kind of puzzle are the one which people like most and love to share with others because it challenges your mathematical skills and help in improving you understanding and calculation skills.

It’s a picture puzzle in which you can see some equations and at the end you need to find the correct value for the 15 9 30 puzzle answer caterpillar × leaf – apple =?

Always keep in mind that before solving this kind of puzzle where you have been given a picture always look the picture carefully. As you can see in this puzzle picture above on the leaf there is a small caterpillar and same with the apple.

Answer: The answer to Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle is 15.

Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle Solution

First, we will try to kind the value of individual things which will make the question easy to solve. So, lets start we find the value of 1 leaf.

So, the value of leaf can be calculated by the number of leaves present o then which will be equal to:
5 leaf + 5 leaf + 5 leaf = 15

Secondly now calculate the value of 1 caterpillar that will be equal to:
3 + 3 + 3=9

Now calculate the value of 1 apple that would be equal to:
30 (Total) – 3 (Caterpillar) / 3 (Apple)
= 27/3
= 9

Now we have the values of each things so its now easy to calculate the answer. Just put the values in the last equation and you will get the answer.

caterpillar × leaf – apple =?
So, the final equation will be: (caterpillar) × (leaf and caterpillar) – (apple and caterpillar) =?
3 × (3+6) – (3+9) =?
= 3 × 9 – 12
= 27-12
= 15

Therefore, the answer to “Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle” is “15.”