A Hospital Has 16 Isolation Rooms Puzzle Answer

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16 isolation Rooms Puzzle Question:

This man has to get out of room number 4 to leave the hospital, but before that, he will pass through every room.

So the riddle is that the man has to go through every room in which there is a sick person, but if this person goes to any room twice, then he can become ill again.

Your challenge is that you have to go through a room only once and find a way so that this person can get out of the hospital without getting sick.

Hospital Has 16 isolation Rooms Puzzle Answer:

The correct answer to this puzzle is the person would first go to room number nine from his room and return to his room. Then after he will travel to room 14 >10 > 6 > 5 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 7 >11 >15 >16 >12 >8 > 4 > Passing through this way from rooms he will reach number four-room and exit the hospital.