You Entered a Room of 34 People Riddle Answer

Here is a fun and tricky riddle for you called “You entered a room of 34 people.” This riddle has been trending on social media, so we’re here to provide the correct answer and explanation.

Riddle: You entered a room of 34 people. A shooter then enters killing 30. How many people are left in the room?

You Entered a Room Riddle Answer

Answer: There are 36 people left in the room.

Explanation: The riddle states that you enter a room with 34 people already present, which means the total number of people in the room increases to 35 when you enter. Then, the shooter enters the room, further increasing the number of people to 36.

Importantly, the riddle does not mention that the shooter removes the 30 people he kills from the room. Therefore, we can assume that there are still 36 people in the room after the shooting.

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