500+ Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids

Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids list 61 – 80 :

61. Riddle: No head has he but he wears a hat. No feet have he but he stands up straight. On him perhaps a fairy sat, weaving a spell one evening late!

Answer: Toadstool

62. Riddle: What has everything inside it? Everything you can imagine even god, wind, world, sky, heaven, earth and everything that comes to your mind?

Answer: Alphabet

63. Riddle: Above the kingdom I reign, Spotted, speckled, with a mane, I travel in packs, and if you’re lucky, you’d ride me. What am I?

Answer: Giraffe

64. Riddle: I am made from an animal, although you nickname me after a different one. You can’t eat me; you can only hold me, and once a year a festival is erected in my honor. What am I?

Answer: Football

65. Riddle: What grows in winter, dies in summer, and grows roots upward?

Answer: Icicle

66. Riddle: Downward grows the root. Outward grows the skin. Upward grows the shoot. What way blows the wind?

Answer: Wayward

67. Riddle: Shorter than my four siblings, but easily the strongest, Sometimes I wear a funny hat.

Answer: Thumb

68. Riddle: With head without hair. With mouth without tooth.

Answer: Bottle

69. Riddle: What flies around all day but never goes anywhere?

Answer: Flag

70. Riddle: What’s as small as a mouse but guards a house like a lion?

Answer: Lock

71. Riddle: What gets whiter the dirtier that it gets?

Answer: Chalkboard

72. Riddle: On the wall, in the air, you just want me out of your hair, try to catch me, but you cannot, for my vision is thousand-fold. What am I?

Answer: Fly

73. Riddle: I am born in fear, raised in truth, And I come to my own in deed. When comes a time that I’m called forth, I come to serve the cause of need.

Answer: Courage

74. Riddle: I am slim and tall Many find me desirable and appealing They touch me and I give a false good feeling Once I shine in splendor but only once and then nomore for manyI am to die for. What am I?

Answer: Cigarette

75. Riddle: A little pool with two layers of wall around it. One white and soft and the other dark and hard, amidst a light brown grassy lawn with an outline ofa greengrass.What am I?

Answer: Coconut

76. Riddle: Looks like water, but it’s heat. Sits on sand, lays on concrete. People have been known, to follow it everywhere. But it gets them no place, and alltheycan doisstare.

Answer: Mirage

77. Riddle: You use me for multiple reasons, I am many colored, and many shaped. I may or may not also tell you your sexual preference. What am I?

Answer: Scarf

78. Riddle: My thunder comes before my lightning. My lightning comes before my rain. And my rain dries all the ground it touches. What am I?

Answer: Volcano

79. Riddle: I come when the weather is at its prime, Though, it might be wise to leave nothing on the street. But, in the wintertime My name is obsolete What amI?

Answer: Hail

80. Riddle: Useful tools for who in darkness dwell. Within you, corrupting like a deadly spell.

Answer: Poison

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