500+ Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids

Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids list 101 – 120 :

101. Riddle: I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for more than 5 minutes. What am I?

Answer: Breath

102. Riddle: I come in many colors, some are blue and white. While some people annoy me, I am not much for the fight. I live where people rarely tread, but you will find me close to bed. What am I?

Answer: Whales

103. Riddle: Sometimes I am light, sometimes I am dark. What am I?

Answer: Chocolate

104. Riddle: I have a hundred legs but cannot stand, a long neck but no head; I eat the maid’s life. What am I?

Answer: Broom

105. Riddle: I can sizzle like bacon, I am made with an egg, I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg. I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole. I can be long like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole. What am I?

Answer: Snake

106. Riddle: I build up castles. I tear down mountains. I make some men blind; I help others to see. What am I?

Answer: Sand

107. Riddle: I have a tongue, but cannot speak. I have a bed but cannot sleep. I have four legs but cannot walk. Yet I move as you do. What am I?

Answer: Wagon

108. Riddle: A hill full, a hole full; yet you cannot catch a bowl full. What is it?

Answer: Mist

109. Riddle: Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup, but even a river can’t fill it up. What is it?

Answer: Strainer

110. Riddle: What is it something that you always have but you always leave behind?

Answer: Fingerprints

111. Riddle: What is it that makes tears without sorrow and takes its journey to heaven?

Answer: Smoke

112. Riddle: Round like a dishpan and smaller than a bathtub. But the ocean can’t fill it. What is it?

Answer: Sieve

113. Riddle: A mile from end to end, yet as close to as a friend. A precious commodity, freely given. Seen on the dead and on the living. Found on the rich, poor, short and tall, but shared among children most of all. What is it?

Answer: Smile

114. Riddle: Born at the same time as the world, destined to live as long as the world, and yet never five weeks old. What is it?

Answer: Moon

115. Riddle: What has wings, but cannot fly. Is enclosed, but can outside also lie. Can open itself up, Or close itself away. Is the place of kings and queens, And doggerel of every means? What is it upon which I stand? Which can lead us to different lands.

Answer: Stage

116. Riddle: A mother had five boys Marco, Tucker, Webster and Thomas. Was the fifth boys name Frank, Evan or Alex?

Answer: The answer is frank. Each child’s first name begins with the first letters of the days of the week m, t, w, t, frank.

117. Riddle: A pet shop owner had a parrot with a sign on its cage that said “Parrot repeats everything it hears.” A young man bought the parrot and for two weeks he spoke to it and it didn’t say a word. He returned the parrot but the shopkeeper said he never lied about the parrot. How can this be?

Answer: The parrot was deaf!

118. Riddle: In the land of the green glass door there are riddles but no answers, sheets but no blankets, and books but no words. Name something found in the land of the green glass door.

Answer: Any word with two letters next to each other. Like the word letters.

119. Riddle: There is a clothing store in Bartlesville. The owner has devised his own method of pricing items. A vest costs $20, socks cost $25, a tie costs $15 and a blouse costs $30. Using the method, how much would a pair of underwear cost?

Answer: $45. The pricing method consists of charging $5 for each letter required to spell the item.

120. Riddle: If you’re 8 feet away from a door and with each move you advance half the distance to the door. How many moves will it take to reach the door?

Answer: You will never reach the door, it will always be half the distance, no matter how small!