500+ Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids

Hard Riddles with Answers for Kids list 161 – 180 :

161. Riddle: What gets beaten, and whipped, but never cries?

Answer: Egg

162. Riddle: Sitting down you have it, standing up you don’t.

Answer: Lap

163. Riddle: I hold two people together but touch only one. What am I?

Answer: Wedding ring

164. Riddle: I am a window, I am a lamp, I am clouded, I am shining, I am colored and set in white, I fill with water and overflow. I say much, but I have no words.

Answer: Eye

165. Riddle: This is your stomach’s way of letting you know you’ve neglected it.

Answer: Grumble

166. Riddle: Though it be cold, I wear no clothes, the frost and snow I never fear; I value neither shoes nor hose, and yet I wander far and near: My diet is forever good, I drink no cider, port, nor sack, what Providence doth send for food, I neither buy, nor sell, nor lack.

Answer: Fish

167. Riddle: I tremble at each breath of air, and yet can heaviest burdens bear.

Answer: Water

168. Riddle: What covers its face with its hands, speaks no language, yet most known what it’s saying?

Answer: Clock

169. Riddle: I give life for my own, have a beginning, but my end is unknown. What am I?

Answer: Sun

170. Riddle: I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat. And your heart grows cold. I visit the weak, but seldom the bold.

Answer: Fear

171. Riddle: Soldiers line up spaced with pride. Two long rows lined side by side. One sole unit can decide, if the rows will unite or divide.

Answer: Zipper

172. Riddle: Has no feet, but travels far. Is literate, but not a scholar. Has no mouth, yet clearly speaks.

Answer: Letter

173. Riddle: Comes in bits and pieces, put together forms a whole. It’s athletics for the mind, the more you think the more you find. Sometimes it can be a grind, but then, that is the goal.

Answer: Puzzle

174. Riddle: I am the ultimate killing machine, used not once but TWICE, I can be made by humans. What am I?

Answer: War

175. Riddle: A muttered rumble was heard from the pen, and I, in my walking stopped to look in. What was this I saw? A massive beast, hoofed, and jawed. With spikes upon its mighty brow, I watched as he struck the turf and prowled. And yet for all of his magnificence, he couldn’t get out of that wooden fence.

Answer: Bull

176. Riddle: Men seize it from its home, tear apart its flesh, drink the sweet blood, then cast its skin aside.

Answer: Orange

177. Riddle: One of the few times it’s encouraged to lock lips with a stranger.

Answer: CPR

178. Riddle: Though it is not an ox, it has horns; Though it is not a donkey, it has packed-saddle; And wherever it goes it leaves silver behind.

Answer: Snail

179. Riddle: What animal has feet on the head?

Answer: Lice

180. Riddle: A house full, a yard full, a chimney full, no one can get a spoonful.

Answer: Smoke

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