1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 741 – 760:

741. Riddle: I drift forever with the current and flows to your everyday life. I make living easy but I am good at killing people too. What am I?

Answer: Electricity

742. Riddle: I only exist when you are here. Where you never were, I can never be. What am I?

Answer: Reflection

743. Riddle: This food is a Thanksgiving tradition.

Answer: Turkey

744. Riddle: Special abilities and brightly coloured underwear are all you need to be one of these.

Answer: Superhero

745. Riddle: They’re actually great swimmers now, but later they will become excellent hoppers.

Answer: Tadpole

746. Riddle: I can be found on a present, the front of a boat, or after the rain. What am I?

Answer: Bow

747. Riddle: What gets broken when you don’t hold it?

Answer: Secret

748. Riddle: I love spinach. What am I?

Answer: Popeye

749. Riddle: In two years, I know, I’ll be twice as old as five years ago, said Tom. How old is Tom?

Answer: 12

750. Riddle: I am an object which is used in baseball, during the day I can’t be seen at all. What am I?

Answer: Bat

751. Riddle: If you happen to wake up at dawn, you’ll probably find this covering the lawn.

Answer: Dew

752. Riddle: What comes down but never back goes up?

Answer: Rain

753. Riddle: This is a plant named after a light source. What is it?

Answer: Sunflower

754. Riddle: I lack much reason, but often rhyme, and require logic to pass the time, to get the words to tell your kin, look for clues that lie within, though all are different, they act the same, the answer is practically in the name.

Answer: Riddle

755. Riddle: I’m tall in the morning and short in the noon. I disappear at night but I will be back soon.

Answer: Shadow

756. Riddle: What is a witch’s favourite school subject?

Answer: Spelling

757. Riddle: They make no sense at all, in them you either fly or fall. They make you do it all. Their need is biologic, but they are most illogical. They are not real but still can be achieved, if they are just believed.

Answer: Dreams

758. Riddle: Small and bearded, both in the real world and in stories.

Answer: Dwarf

759. Riddle: I tell people to be careful when handling boxes. What am I?

Answer: Fragile

760. Riddle: Looks like a hippo crossed with a unicorn.

Answer: Rhino