1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 901 – 920:

901. Riddle: An appropriately loud response to fear, excitement, or your team scoring.

Answer: Yell

902. Riddle: You get embarrassed when you stand on me when everybody is watching. Women don’t like to talk about the number they see on me. Everyone stands on me when nobody is around. What am I?

Answer: Scale

903. Riddle: I run around the streets all day. Under the bed or by the door I sit at night, never alone. My tongue hangs out, waiting to be fed during the day. What am I?

Answer: Shoe

904. Riddle: I’m a lot like a pancake, except I’m a little crisper, and I’m square, with square patterns all over.

Answer: Waffles

905. Riddle: I am known for my natural tuxedo and marching. What am I?

Answer: Penguin

906. Riddle: It is the transportation of choice for princesses to attend balls.

Answer: Carriage

907. Riddle: It breathes fire in fairy tales.

Answer: Dragon

908. Riddle: I can be quick and then I’m deadly, I am a rock, shell and bone medley. If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream, I gather in my millions by ocean, sea and stream.

Answer: Sand

909. Riddle: What did Adam and Eve lack that everyone else has?

Answer: Parents

910. Riddle: What’s an insect’s favourite sport?

Answer: Cricket

911. Riddle: It is basically a cake made of cow.

Answer: Meat Loaf

912. Riddle: I shrink smaller every time I take a bath. What am I?

Answer: Soap

913. Riddle: By Moon or by Sun, I shall be found. Yet I am undone, if there’s no light around.

Answer: Shadow

914. Riddle: I’m a thick slice of beef or other high-quality meat or fish that is often cooked on a grill or fried.

Answer: Steak

915. Riddle: Bumpy form of transportation in desert cultures.

Answer: Camel

916. Riddle: I like to twirl my body but keep my head up high. After I go in, everything becomes tight. What am I?

Answer: Screw

917. Riddle: The height of us go forth not back to protect our king from a foe’s attack. What are we?

Answer: Pawns

918. Riddle: What has four legs, but can’t walk?

Answer: Table

919. Riddle: Where can you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?

Answer: Map

920. Riddle: I am a delicious way of representing data. What am I?

Answer: Pie Chart