1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 821 – 840:

821. Riddle: On what kind of ship do students study?

Answer: Scholarship

822. Riddle: Tax rates and oil prices occasionally take these nature strolls.

Answer: Hike

823. Riddle: What is the word that even in plain sight remains hidden?

Answer: Hidden

824. Riddle: Found at the back of the book. What am I?

Answer: Appendix

825. Riddle: They can be long or short; they can be grown or bought; they can be painted or left bare; they can be round or square.

Answer: Nails

826. Riddle: I am nature’s way of applauding lightning. What am I?

Answer: Thunder

827. Riddle: Boxes marked as this should not be abused.

Answer: Fragile

828. Riddle: I live in the corn, and my job is to deter. Free from pests your crops I assure. What am I?

Answer: Scarecrow

829. Riddle: A close relative of ketchup that people often spread on their dog.

Answer: Mustard

830. Riddle: I enclose you in darkness but allow you to see many things. If you resist me, you’re likely to get rings. What am I?

Answer: Sleep

831. Riddle: What do you call bread that has been browned in a small electric oven until it is crispy?

Answer: Toast

832. Riddle: Everyone claims to know a way to stop these involuntary contractions but none of them work.

Answer: Hiccup

833. Riddle: I can be entertaining until you realise some pieces have been lost. What am I?

Answer: Puzzle

834. Riddle: You can always see it, but it’s too far away to touch. Mountains rest on it, and at sea it surrounds you. What is it?

Answer: Horizon

835. Riddle: I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?

Answer: Seven

836. Riddle: Agile on my feet, I drive dogs mad. I flick my tail when I’m angry and hum when I’m glad. What am I?

Answer: Cat

837. Riddle: A doctor might remove one from the neck of a Dracula victim.

Answer: Fang

838. Riddle: They come in many varieties: Red, Black, Dead, and Caspian to name a few.

Answer: Sea

839. Riddle: A large oasis in the desert. Come with cash and leave with none. What am I?

Answer: Las Vegas

840. Riddle: What instruments can make any sound and be heard but not touched or seen?

Answer: Voice