1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 161 – 180:

161. Riddle: I can be used to type and point you see. But don’t forget, you can count on me. What am I?

Answer: Fingers

162. Riddle: Barren location, infertile and dry; my name means “to leave”, it’s not heard to see why.

Answer: Desert

163. Riddle: Micro parasite expert at sucking the blood of mammals and birds.

Answer: Flea

164. Riddle: A toy that requires some string and a breezy day.

Answer: Kite

165. Riddle: Describes a mysterious region and a stylish pair of shorts.

Answer: Bermuda

166. Riddle: This dish is hot frankfurter served in a long, soft roll and typically topped with various condiments. Often served with hamburgers.

Answer: Hot Dog

167. Riddle: Two legs I’ve got, which never walk on ground; But when I go or run, one leg turns round.

Answer: Compass

168. Riddle: I saw the dead bring forth the living. I saw the living bring forth the dead. What did I see?

Answer: Funeral

169. Riddle: It is the offspring of a circle and a rectangle.

Answer: Oval

170. Riddle: Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. What am I?

Answer: Fire

171. Riddle: There are four of us, but it seems like everyone loves spades the most. What am I?

Answer: Aces

172. Riddle: I am three simple words; everyone wants to hear. Three simple words, such simple words, and yet… life changing… What am I?

Answer: I Love You

173. Riddle: What has a hundred limbs, sometimes leaves, but cannot walk?

Answer: Tree

174. Riddle: What has a ring but no fingers?

Answer: Telephone

175. Riddle: Being able to interpret the letters on this screen proves that you have this quality.

Answer: Literate

176. Riddle: I’m a soft frozen food made with sweetened and flavoured milk fat. I’m usually put in a waffle cone.

Answer: Ice Cream

177. Riddle: A flash of light on a grey day. If you’re made of metal, you best stay away. What am I?

Answer: Lightning

178. Riddle: What is green, has four legs, no tail, and usually heard at night?

Answer: Frog

179. Riddle: I make a living following the wealthy and beautiful. What am I?

Answer: Paparazzi

180. Riddle: With sharp edged wit and pointed poise. It can settle disputes without making a noise.

Answer: Sword