1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 401 – 420:

401. Riddle: Reserved for royalty and damaged teeth.

Answer: Crown

402. Riddle: The more I dry the wetter I get. What am I?

Answer: Towel

403. Riddle: It regulates our daily movements, but it feels no interest in our lives. It directs us when to come and go, but does not care if we pay attention. What is it?

Answer: Clock

404. Riddle: Not a comb or a brush but makes the hair feel plush. What is it?

Answer: Shampoo

405. Riddle: A twiggy home.

Answer: Nest

406. Riddle: I am in the sky. I’m white, I’m round, but not always. Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don’t. What am I?

Answer: Moon

407. Riddle: This large green melon has red pulp inside and watery juice. Best enjoyed cold on a hot summer day.

Answer: Watermelon

408. Riddle: Fuels backyard get-together.

Answer: Charcoal

409. Riddle: A wonderful elixir, it is your fluid fixer. Gulp it down and turn like a concrete mixer. Dark as night and sweet as sin, It’s like liquid heroin.

Answer: Coffee

410. Riddle: Sally is 54 years old and her mother is 80, how many years ago was Sally’s mother three times her age?

Answer: Forty One

411. Riddle: Its voice is like a burp, Will swallow with a slurp, you’ll never hear it chirp. Kiss it with a wince, might turn into prince.

Answer: Frog

412. Riddle: Cold head and feet; Round as a ball; Always turning around, itself.

Answer: Earth

413. Riddle: Come November 1st, many of these will be found smashed on sidewalks.

Answer: Pumpkin

414. Riddle: You can draw me, fire me or fill me in.

Answer: Gun

415. Riddle: What time of day, when written in capital letters, is the same forwards, backwards, and upside down?

Answer: Noon

416. Riddle: It could make arrows fly and kite’s soar. What is it?

Answer: String

417. Riddle: The profession of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

Answer: Guitarist

418. Riddle: They can float and tickle, but their sound is rarely heard unless you’re a pillow or bird. What are they?

Answer: Feathers

419. Riddle: A first job for many kids, this could be described as “Media Distribution Management.”

Answer: Paper Route

420. Riddle: What is the only animal without the ability to fly but still does?

Answer: Man