1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 641 – 660:

641. Riddle: I am often sold by children entrepreneurs in summer time. What am I?

Answer: Lemonade

642. Riddle: Though I have neither legs nor feet, my use is for to go; Although’ I cannot speak, I tell what others want to know.

Answer: Watch

643. Riddle: A metal snake that runs on tracks.

Answer: Train

644. Riddle: I can be moved. I can be rolled. But nothing will I hold. I’m red and I’m blue, and I can be other colours too. Having no head, though similar in shape. I have no eyes – yet move all over the place.

Answer: Ball

645. Riddle: A famous home without colour and with wings.

Answer: White House

646. Riddle: Racers are asked to start these at NASCAR events.

Answer: Engine

647. Riddle: Four leaves I have. What am I?

Answer: Shamrock

648. Riddle: I am the second L in LOL. What am I?

Answer: Loud

649. Riddle: These are crisp, green, and are found near deli sandwiches.

Answer: Pickle

650. Riddle: During the 1800’s these turned women into hourglasses and is becoming more popular again these days.

Answer: Corset

651. Riddle: Why do French people like to eat snails?

Answer: They Don’T Like Eating Fast Food

652. Riddle: This toasted sandwich is made with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Answer: BLT

653. Riddle: Cut the wrong wire and it goes boom.

Answer: Bomb

654. Riddle: He calls in the morning, the day to renew, if his owner gets hungry, he’ll be turned to stew. What is he?

Answer: Rooster

655. Riddle: Taking this from a baby is said to be quite easy.

Answer: Candy

656. Riddle: When I type I tap these on the keys.

Answer: Fingertips

657. Riddle: What has a brown coat, a long tail, and lives in house or shed but most active while you’re in bed?

Answer: Mouse

658. Riddle: What has fingers and a thumb but no hand?

Answer: Glove

659. Riddle: I am the noise Santa’s reindeer make. What am I?

Answer: Jingle

660. Riddle: I’m usually served alongside burgers. I’m crispy golden potato sticks.

Answer: Fries