1000+ Easy Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults

Riddles with Answers for Kids and Adults List from 661 – 680:

661. Riddle: I’m a dish of ground meat formed into a loaf shape, mixed with egg and breadcrumbs, then baked or smoked.

Answer: Meat Loaf

662. Riddle: What is something that can go up quite easily, but is not as easy to bring back down?

Answer: Weight

663. Riddle: Securing your documents is easy with these trusty metal objects.

Answer: Staples

664. Riddle: They say each one is totally unique.

Answer: Snowflake

665. Riddle: It is the most common hour to have a gunfight in a western scene.

Answer: Noon

666. Riddle: Violet, indigo, blue and green, yellow, orange and red; these are the colors you have seen after the storm has fled. What am I?

Answer: Rainbow

667. Riddle: What Botox will do to your expression.

Answer: Paralyse

668. Riddle: It is known as the best real estate for toys.

Answer: Dollhouse

669. Riddle: I’ll shout till you wake or sing you to sleep. I’ll talk to you but you’re crazy if you talk back. What am I?

Answer: Radio

670. Riddle: Without feather or wing I fly, but you’ll known what I am when I hover nearby. What am I?

Answer: Helicopter

671. Riddle: I am a man without bones, without blood, without life. My flesh is white, cold and shrinking. What am I?

Answer: Snowman

672. Riddle: What is flat, usually square, and made from trees but isn’t wood?

Answer: Paper

673. Riddle: The celebrities of high school were part of this crowd.

Answer: Popular

674. Riddle: A red drum which sounds without being touched, and grows silent, when it is touched.

Answer: Heart

675. Riddle: Mom and dad have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the family?

Answer: Seven

676. Riddle: Though desert men once called me God, today men call me mad. For I wag my tail when I am angry. And growl when I am glad.

Answer: Cat

677. Riddle: A beautiful succession of sounds.

Answer: Music

678. Riddle: The cloud is my mother, my father the wind. The lake is my son and the rainbow my bed. What am I?

Answer: Rain

679. Riddle: Often found in doctor’s offices and pirate flags.

Answer: Skeleton

680. Riddle: What can go through glass without breaking it?

Answer: Light